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25 January 2019, Version 1.3.20025.0125

  • New: displaying summary stats for downloaded data. Either all data range or selected range. Stats can be copied to the clipboard.
  • New: displaying total number of measurements that iButton has collected since it left the factory. May help assess battery life.
  • New: added button to stop mission and place the iButton into a low-power state.
  • Changed: if write tag is not checked the user data is not changed (previously it was cleared).
  • Bug fix: timestamp of 1 minutes or 255 minutes wrongly generated error.
  • Bug fix: fixed crash for some users when saving to workbook.

13 January 2018, Version 1.1.18013.0113

  • Bug fix: application crashed when saving files to invalid location. Now shows error message

23 November 2017, Version 1.1.17266.0923

  • Added support for displaying temperature in Fahrenheit, Kelvin and Celsius

20 January 2017, Version 1.0

  • Initial public release

23 March 2017, Version 1.0.17081.0322

  • New: Enabled tool-tips for point values on graph by default
  • New: Display iButton ID and tag above graph
  • New: Added support to mission device without custom tag
  • New: Show warning if start time is in the past
  • Update: Don’t automatically download when program first starts
  • Bug fix: fixed error in validating mission start time on DS1923 hydrochron iButtons.

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