Downloading iButton data couldn’t be simpler using iButton 2 Excel. There are two modes of operation, Manual and Automatic. Both modes work by first inserting an iButton into the standard reader which can be purchased from Digikey here.

Manual downloading is achieved by clicking the download button on the main toolbar. Data is downloaded and a plot of that data is displayed on screen.


Automatic mode is basically the same except there is no user action needed to download the data. Just plug the iButton in and the data will appear on screen. To enable automatic mode toggle the “Auto Download” button.


When data is downloaded it is immediately written to disk to minimize the risk of data loss through power loss or by accidentally missioning a sensor (resetting the iButtons stored data).

In the full version of the software data is stored between sessions so that it can be viewed and exported in a separate session (close and re-open iButton 2 Excel). In the lite version the written data is cleared when the application is closed.

The Clear and Clear All buttons in the screenshot below can be used to clear an individual or all records from the hard-drive. Be careful as cleared data is removed permanently.

iButton 2 Excel Interface

Main interface for iButton 2 Excel showing data which has recently been downloaded from a tag called MyTag1.

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