Instantly download data.
iButton2Excel will auto-download data as soon as the iButton is inserted.
Have a large deployment of iButtons?
No problem. iButton2Excel can quickly download data from many iButtons and easily export it to Excel.
Ultimate traceability.
iButtons and iButton2Excel make temperature and humidity traceability easy.

iButton 2 Excel

Rapidly configure and mission iButton sensors

Quickly download and view iButton data.

Save to native Microsoft Excel files.


A simple but powerful application

With iButton 2 Excel, you will have your iButton data ready for analysis in no time.


This video demonstrates the ease of use when downloading data.


Our streamlined work-flow lets you quickly worth through hundreds of buttons per hour:

  • iButton 2 Excel begins downloading data as soon as you attach the sensor to the reader
  • Downloaded measurements are plotted so you can review the data immediately.
  • Our history list lets you look back through all the sensors you’ve downloaded and keep track of your progress.
  • Downloaded data is automatically saved to disk to prevent data loss in the event of a power loss part way through your session.
  • Audible cues give feedback of the download process.


iButton 2 Excel saves data (including iButton tag and ID) to Microsoft Excel for plotting, publishing and detailed analysis.


Missioning prepares iButtons to collect data. iButton 2 Excel can start new missions as soon as it successfully downloads data from the previous session streamlining your workflow. You can configure:

  • The mission start date and time
  • The sampling rate (time between measurements)
  • A human-readable tag

The human-readable tag is written to the iButton memory and will be retrieved, along with the temperature data, when the mission is downloaded. The tag number automatically increments for hands free operation.

  • iButton 2 Excel is a powerful utility that significanlty sped up the downloading of our iButton data.

  • It is great! The interface is quite user friendly and the website explains everything nicely like a user's manual. It makes things quite easier: downloading data is more convenient and it is quite useful to be able to export to Excel straight away. Also missioning the sensors is easier as you can set it up before connecting the sensors which saves getting cramps by holding it on the reader. The tag and auto-mission tools can save quite a lot of time when setting up multiple loggers for a similar job.

    So overall it is a really nicely developed software and quite a useful tool compared to the basic one that comes with the reader!

    Alexandre M.

Boost your productivity with iButton 2 Excel

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